8 Wizard Girl’s Selected for USA Hockey Selected U18 Camp

Congratulations to the 8 current Wizards on being selected to attend the USA Hockey Select U18 Camp in St. Cloud, MN starting July 15th. This camp is comprised of the top 70 players in the country in the 2005, 2006, and 2007 birth years, and serves as the final tryout for the U18 National Team. Congratulations and good luck to;

Sammy Taber – U19 Major 1

Annie Dinges – U19 Major 1

Ainsley Moulton – U19 Major 1

Morgan McGathey – U16 Major 1

Nora Curtis – U16 Major 1

Kennedy Walker – U16 Major 1

Keira Ley – U16 Major 1

Molly Boyle – U16 Major 1