ECW U12 Minor 1 16-11-13 343

Program Overview

Tryout information for Boy’s and Girl’s for the 2023-2024 season is posted below.   Players must register online by using the link below and should plan to attend one tryout session on each scheduled day for their age group. All players will be notified the time they should attend prior to each session. In some cases player numbers maybe reduced during the tryout process and sessions maybe added or deleted depending on the player pool, and COVID regulations. All players must register (U8 Girl’s and 2015/2016 Boy’s Tryouts are free) and attend the tryout for their correct birth year. Boys teams are by birth year except for U16 (2007 and 2008) and U18 (2005, 2006). Girls age groups are listed below.


Additional information

Date Lower rink Group   Date Upper rink Group  
13-Mar 5pm U8 Girls   13-Mar 4:40pm 2016  
          5:40pm 2015  
          6:50pm 2011  
          8:00pm 2011  
14-Mar 4:40pm U10 Girls   14-Mar 4:50pm 2013  
  5:50pm U10 Girls     6:00pm 2013  
  7:00pm U12 Girls     7:10pm 2012  
  8:10pm U12 Girls     8:20pm 2012  
15-Mar 4:40pm U8   15-Mar 4:50pm 2016  
  5:50pm 2014     6:00pm 2015  
  7:00pm 2010 Select     7:10pm 2012  
  8:10pm 2010 Select     8:20pm 2012  
16-Mar 4:40pm U10 Girls   16-Mar 4:50pm 2013  
  5:50pm U10 Girls     6:00pm 2013  
  7:00pm U12 Girls     7:10pm 2011  
  8:10pm U12 Girls     8:20pm 2011  
17-Mar 4:50pm 2014   17-Mar 4:40pm U12 Girls  
          5:50pm U12 Girls  
          7:00pm 2010 Select  
          8:10pm 2010 Select  
20-Mar 5:00pm TBD   20-Mar 4:40pm U10 Girls  
          5:40pm U10 Girls  
          6:50pm U12 Girls  
          8:00pm U12 Girls  
4-Apr 5:00pm U14 Girls   4-Apr 6:00pm 2010 Elite  
  6:10pm U14 Girls          
  7:10pm U14 Girls Goalie Session        
  8:00pm U14 Girls          
5-Apr 5:00pm U14 Girls   5-Apr 4:50pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  6:10pm U14 Girls     6:00pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  7:20pm U14 Girls     7:10pm U15 Boys (2008)  
          8:20pm U15 Boys (2008)  
6-Apr 6:00pm U14 Girls   6-Apr 5:00pm U16 Boys (2007)  
  7:10pm U14 Girls     6:10pm U16 Boys (2007)  
  8:20pm U14 Girls     7:20-9:00pm U18B (2006/05)  
7-Apr 5:00pm TBD   7-Apr 4:50pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  6:10pm U16 Girls     6:00pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  7:20pm U16 Girls     7:10pm U16 Boys (2007)  
  8:30pm U19 Girls     8:20pm U16 Boys (2007)  
8-Apr 2:10pm U14 Girls   8-Apr 3:10pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  3:20pm U14 Girls     4:20pm U14 Boys (2009)  
  4:30pm U14 Girls     5:30pm U15 Boys (2008)  
  5:40pm U16 Girls     6:40pm U15 Boys (2008)  
  6:50pm U16 Girls     7:50pm U18B (2006/05)  
  8:00pm U19 Girls          
Use this link for tryout information and registration: